What causes Migraines?


A migraine is one of the worst possible disorders that any person can possess, not due to the symptoms being anything much, but due to the immense amount of pain that the headaches are able to incite within the brain. What causes migraines has been a question that has been asked by people for quite a long time, and indeed, it is often seen that even the people who have migraine are unsure as to how they came to acquire it. Finding out how to cure oneself requires you to know everything about the disorders, and the main reasons for the onset of migraines can range from anything from the environment to your own DNA.


There has been quite a bit of study into the question of what causes migraines, but a single clear-cut reason for it has yet to be defined by any doctor or researcher. Generally, it is accepted that migraines mainly originate due to the mental state of the person, with people who are under more pressure or stress gaining the disorder quite naturally. Hormones also play an important role here, since it has been noted that women are more susceptible to migraines during pregnancy or menstruation. The general consensus is that hormonal imbalance acts as a trigger, which is the term applied to any situation or object or thing that causes the manifestation of migraine.

The pain of a migraine headache is something that can hardly be described in words. The people who experience it know what they are in for, especially since migraine headaches do not abate and can last for anything between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The constant throbbing in your head, along with the pain which spreads from time to time, are things best avoided, though the people who get it through heredity do not have that option. It has been discovered that heredity can be an answer to what causes migraines, and if that is the case for any person, then it becomes that much more difficult to counter. Light also plays a key role in migraines, since most people who have it are in fact, sensitive to light. This has also given rise to the theory that improper lighting over an extended period of time can cause migraines to develop.

Tobacco is also somewhat responsible for migraines, though there is not enough conclusive proof to support this particular theory. What is accepted worldwide is that irregularity in one’s behavioral patterns, mental stress and heredity are the primary answers to the question of what causes migraines, and once you know the reason why you have it, you can go about trying to find out ways to cure yourself. While migraines generally do not get cured easily, a visit to the right doctor, medicines, and a return to relative normality in terms of your routine can all be good contributors towards the ultimate goal of getting yourself fit and fine once again.


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